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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I said before that the 'Rise and Fall' post would be my final post, but I simply couldn't keep the end like this.

...It's been a year since I last came here. ...And I still find it really sad that what meant to be a pure, sweet, friendly club ended in a firey disaster, and the previous post agrees. (I ditched the links in the previous post. This new post sums up my thoughts on the club. )

The rain falls from a gloomy sky, and a lonely ship slowly drifts away in search of a better place.

But nevertheless, the story that comes out of this website is a tragic one! It's a sad fact that sometimes you work hard to make something good, but then it gets smashed to pieces in an instant. You try and you fail, and it’s no fun at all! It’s even worse than when you DON'T try because we naturally think we’re gonna WIN when we try. We always try to win, but sometimes when we don't win, it's just not our fault. Heck, it's usually not even in our control! Sometimes, you just lose. And depending on HOW you lose... It's just terrible.

But I know now that this isn't the end. It’s just the beginning. Yes, this website is good as over, but it’s the beginning of something new. They say failure is one step closer to success. ...Why, you ask? Because you have the opportunity to make something even BETTER out of that failure.

...This song says it all. It plays loudly in my mind as I plan the sequel to my Battle Morale movie.

I've got big plans for it, starting with a deep expression of what happened here. But that doesn't mean this movie will be any easier than the last. I think this sequel has a lot to live up to, but I’m sure that in time, once the movie is complete, it’s all gonna come out great!

...And although you and I may still miss this club, and what it could have been if it went according to plan, I believe it serves as a powerful compass for what lies in the future. …At least for me. I can see myself achieving something grand later on and saying, "You know what, this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't failed at this club way back when." ...Plus, it might've prevented an even greater disaster.

From ship to ship. From sea to sea. The pirate's life for me! ...It's a neverending journey.

...So, the lesson here is not to give up, even when you don’t win. The sweetest things grow from the harshest climates, and although things may not look so great now, take heart. One day, it'll all turn out right, and it's gonna be wonderful. That will be all. :) :) :)

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